Paul’s Story

Paul had cognitive impairment and also suffered from bipolar disorder. He had recently had a Trustee appointed from the Public Trustee. This meant all Paul’s assets, finances and expenses were managed by the Trustee.

He found it very difficult to adjust to this new situation because he had been managing his own finances for years before the order had been made. Paul’s relationship with the Trustee was also poor as he felt the Trustee did not listen to his concerns. The Trustee also did not provide any encouragement for Paul to develop financial skills so he could eventually resume control of his finances.

Paul managed to find part time work but was increasingly demoralised, having no control over his wages. A lawyer from the Mental Health Law Centre met with Paul and assisted him to prepare a review of his Administration Order by the State Administrative Tribunal.

During the hearing, the lawyer persuaded the Tribunal that the wages Paul earned should be an exception to his order. Even though the Trustee was authorised to be in charge of all Paul’s assets, income and expenses, he was delighted with the changes to the order.

Paul was finally allowed to receive, manage, save and spend all the income he earned through his employment and was thankful the Centre was able to get his financial independence back.

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