Anyone accessing our services, or affected by our operations, has the right to lodge a complaint or dispute.

Every complaint is important and considered with respect and wherever possible the matter will be resolved to your satisfaction.

Written complaints will be acknowledged within seven working days of being received and you will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint throughout the process. We aim to handle all complaints quickly and fairly.

How to lodge a complaint:

  1. Make your complaint in writing to a staff member or email to If the staff member can assist with your grievance at the time, please cooperate with them. When making the complaint please:
    • include your full name and contact details.
    • clearly state your grievance and details of the incident.
    • identify what outcome you are seeking.
  2. If you are not able to resolve your complaint directly with the staff member involved, the matter will be referred to the Principal Lawyer for investigation.
  3. You will receive a response within 28 working days of us receiving your complaint. Please be aware of the limited time resources available and thank you for being patient.
  4. If you are unhappy with the response, your complaint will be escalated to the Chief Executive Officer.
  5. If you are still dissatisfied, please contact the WA Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (08 6551 7600, Freecall 1800 813 583) or the Health Consumers Council of Western Australia (08 9221 3422, Freecall 1800 620 780).

Complaints about lawyers:

Lawyers are bound by a strict code of ethics and professional behaviour and we work hard to provide a high standard of service to our clients. However, if you have any concerns, please take the following steps:

  • Unprofessional conduct – if you believe there has been a breach of confidentiality or negligence in the way your case has been handled, please contact our Principal Lawyer to discuss the matter.
  • Lack of communication – if you feel you are having communication difficulties let your lawyer know as soon possible and, if necessary, they can ask the Principal Lawyer for guidance.
  • You do not agree with the legal advice you have received – if you feel this way please tell your lawyer and they will refer the matter to the Principal Lawyer for review.