Services and Support

Family and Domestic Violence

We help women and children experiencing and escaping family violence.

We currently only accept internal referrals from women staying at Ruah’s refuges for our Family and Domestic Violence services at this time.

Our specialist family violence lawyer provides advice, advocacy and representation. We work alongside community workers, providing wrap-around support tailored to meet the needs of each individual woman and family.

We walk beside our clients as they navigate their way through different jurisdictions dealing with the variety of matters that can arise for women escaping family violence, such as family violence restraining orders, which can often feel overwhelming at a time when they are also dealing with the trauma of abuse.


Can we help you?

Please note, that as our resources are limited, priority will be given to clients who have mental illness.

How do we help?
  • Violence Restraining Orders:
    • Preparing Violence Restraining Order applications, filing and representation at initial hearing.
    • Representing client for all hearings related to final order application e.g. variation hearings, mentions and final order hearings.
    • Other Restraining Order matters:
      • Cancelling orders
      • Extending orders
      • Varying orders
  • Family Law Matters:
    • Initial advice on children’s matters such as:
      • Parenting plans
      • Parenting orders
      • Arrangements for spending time or communication with children
      • Parental responsibility
      • Recovery orders
      • Injunctions
      • Passport watch list
    • Mediation
    • Consent orders
    • Relocation
    • Change of name
What legal issues can we help with?

We can help in a variety of matters related to family and domestic violence, including, but not limited to:

  • Restraining order applications;
  • Family law matters, such as parenting plans, recovery orders and consent orders.
How much time do we need?

We need at least seven days’ notice for court matters.

Other Services

Treatment Orders
Law Proceedings
Care & Protection
Guardianship &
Administration Orders