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Care & Protection Proceedings

We offer integrated legal and community services support and advocacy for families facing child protection proceedings.

Our lawyers provide parents with legal advice and representation from the earliest stages through to the resolution of their care and protection proceedings.

If our clients have other related legal issues, they’ll be linked up with the appropriate help and representation.

At the same time, our community workers ensure parents and families have the help they need outside of court, including accessing the right support, or accompanying them to out-of-court meetings with caseworkers and service providers.


Can we help you?

We may be able to help you if you are:

  • facing child protection proceedings or are engaged with the Department of Communities – Child Protection;
  • experiencing mental illness;
  • on a low income or experiencing financial hardship and unable to afford the services of a private lawyer.

    Please note, that as our resources are limited, priority will be given to parents who have mental illness or mental health issues raised as a risk factor by the Department of Communities in their application to the court (or pre-birth investigation/intervention).

    How do we help?

    Our team works seamlessly to support your needs and circumstances:

    • our lawyers provide parents with legal advice and representation in court throughout the care and protection proceedings. They can also link you to other legal services for related legal issues.
    • our community workers work with parents and families to ensure you are seamlessly linked in with, and receive, the services you require such as housing, financial counselling and mental health.  Our workers can also accompany you to out-of-court meetings with caseworkers and service providers.

    This approach was developed with input from representatives from across the legal fraternity, as well as health and community sectors, with the aim to address your integrated needs.

    What legal issues can we help with?

    We provide legal advice and representation to parents facing child protection proceedings in the Children’s Court of Western Australia, and parents involved in pre-birth planning with the Department of Communities – Child Protection.

    How much time do we need?

    We need at least seven days’ notice for care and protection matters.

    Resources & Education

    Care and Protection Service

    Learn more about this innovative service that brings together experienced lawyers and dedicated community workers to provide wrap-around legal and non-legal social support to families facing child protection proceedings.

    Care and Protection Service evaluation snapshot

    This snapshot provides an interim overview of the Care and Protection Service with data from 1 September 2020 until 31 December 2021.

    Integrated Services Snapshot

    This snapshot includes data from integrated services in criminal law and care and protection between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022.

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